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Using methodically HOLOTHERAPY you will harmonize the SVADHISTHANA Chakra, Sacral or Center of the Cross. Located in the abdomen, a little below the sexual organs, it is connected with water as an element, emotions and sexuality.

The CD contains sounds of Bells in holophony, holophonic sounds that induce the mind in a particular state of Theta waves, an indispensable condition for a deep and stable meditation.

HOLOTHERAPY was created with holophonic microphones that capture the sound image of a place, of particular musical instruments or vibrations, reproducing the same sensory impression only through headphones. The auditory organs of the human brain recognize sound inputs as real and induce the variations of brain waves essential for recalling memories, emotions and sensations.

HOLOTHERAPY requires listening in stereo headphones because it was made in holophony and uses the binaural system of the human auditory system.